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About Me and NFTs

Who am I?

I am professionally involved in banking & finance business and working as an internal auditor/manager for about 15 years. Although I have never been a professional artist or a developer, I have been interested in art and also coding since my high school and university years.

My interest for art started with playing traditional Turkish melodic and rhytmic instruments. In the following years, I developed special interest for playing percussions. In 2016, I discovered electronic music production and started producing instrumental dance music. Later, I produced songs with my own lyrics & vocals as well. I currently have several produced and waiting to be produced songs. Hopefully, I will be bringing them out in near future.

Why I love NFTs and My Thoughts about Future

As I have mentioned above, I have deep interest in both art and also coding. NFT technology is an ultimate and probably the best way which combines both.

I started discovering blockchain technology and its relation with Web3, defi, smart contracts and finally NFTs in September 2021. As I started discovering and learned more about all, I just fell in love and desperately tried to find ways to be existent in this new world.

While I was researching NFT art, I saw that generative art (art made with codes) was also being used in NFTs. I was locked in to this idea since it was a great combination of both artistic and technical creativity. I started learning methods of how to produce geneative art, found out p5.js and started to make my own versions of it.

Future of NFTs

Currently most of the NFTs are related to picture collections or art in general. However, future will show us that they will have many use cases including official transactions. NFTs are backed by smart contracts which enable verifiable ownership and trusted transfer of assets between peers. This is a revolutionary technology and sooner or later I believe countries will adopt this technology and we will be seeing formal ownership and transfer of assets officially in the future. NFTs can also be used for access management, membership verification, proof of ownership for real world assets or right to a service/payment/receivable/dividend/company share etc.

So be a part of inevitable future and start owning NFTs from now. It can be profitable as well but you should do your own research both for the collection and the creator(s).

Why to buy an NFT?

You can own an NFT or NFTs for following reasons:

  • Experiencing digital ownership of an asset and engaging with a smart contract
  • Investing to an artist/art for profit, support or joy
  • Be a part of a community (both in a way of being part of a new world or being a part of the specific comunity of the artist/collection)
  • Becoming an early adopter of a developing technology

My Current NFT Activites and Future Plans

My main focus is currently is on generative art creation. However in the near future I want to create collections of music NFTs as well. I would like to provide my electronic music productions, live instrument performances and also my original songs in the form of NFTs.

In additon to NFT creation I also am trying to learn other aspects of web3, so I also would like to integrate my art with new chain techs such as DAO, P2E Gaming and DeFi.


Avastanbulers (Mint live @ avastanbulers.ozhania.art)

Avastanbulers is a collection of 1111 generative art NFTs of Istanbul houses. Istanbul is mostly known with other views but considering my neighborhood I think view of crowded houses is a good reflection of the city I live in. If you are an Istanbul citizen or lover of the city, come on in and join the gang.

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Sneak Peak From The Collection

dark night
blue evening
red sundown
spring morning